Where can I distribute my audiobook?

May 19, 2021

The 3 Types of Platforms

You’ve worked hard to get your project from concept to final manuscript, to an audiobook. Now it’s time to get your project on as many platforms as possible, to as many listeners as possible. 

While promoting yourself is still up to you, Author’s Republic simplifies the distribution process. We distribute your audiobooks to over 50 partners globally within three main categories:

With endless audiobook listening opportunities consumers like options. Distributing your audiobook to three different types of platforms helps to get more eyes and ears on your project, and more royalties in your pocket. Let’s dig into some of the differences between the three. Which platforms should you get your audiobook on? What are the 3 types of audiobook platforms? Let’s dig into the differences between general retail, library, and music streaming services. We distribute your audiobooks to 50+ partners. 

General Retailers

Our general retail partners vary in their sales models. Some offer a subscription service with a certain amount of credits per month, while others offer à la carte, some offer both!

Each channel is uniquely branded to capture different demographics and generations. Chirp, for example, works with authors to offer temporary promotions that are typically super beneficial for total listens and sales. Libro.fm partners with independently owned bookstores across North America, allowing your listeners to support their favourite local bookstore.

Revenue will vary from retailer to retailer, depending on our agreement with them and if they sell at the MSRP you submit. We negotiate agreements with each partner to get the best royalty rate possible. On average we obtain a 50% royalty rate, after the retailer takes their cut, we leave you with the biggest slice of the royalty pie— 70%.


Libraries provide a unique spot for listeners to try out new authors risk-free. It’s a win-win— low risk for the consumer, and the author still gets paid! 

Library channels typically buy in bulk which tends to yield the highest cost per unit. You may see sales of 4-6x the usual rate. Our library partners use a combination of two rental methods, the One Copy/One User Method and the Cost Per Circ Method (CPC). 

The One Copy/One User Method is exactly what it sounds like— the library only allows one person to check out the audiobook at a time. This results in fewer checkouts but a higher cost for the single copy. Using the Cost Per Circ Method (CPC) multiple individuals can check out the audiobook at the same time. This results in a lower cost per rental but more rentals are available overall.  

Music Streaming Services

When your audiobook is released on a music streaming service, you are getting paid for each track that is listened to. To increase the profitability of your project we use a service that segments your audiobook from say, ten tracks, into hundreds of tracks. If a consumer listens from start to finish you’ll have hundreds of listens rather than what would have only been ten listens. 

Don’t worry, our pros segment your tracks while maintaining the full quality of your production. Each segment flows together perfectly to maintain the listening experience.

Can I choose where my audiobook is distributed?

It’s ideal to be on every platform but if you have a deep dislike for one or more of our partners you’re not required to have your audiobook on every platform. Each of our partners has unique criteria for the kinds of audiobooks they accept, and sometimes, your audiobook won't fit the bill.

If an audiobook is rejected by a distributor, we'll let you know.

Each generation differs in both where and how they consume media. Library demographics vary widely, whereas music streaming services are typically popular with millennials and younger. 

While knowing your audience and where they like to listen can help you narrow your marketing efforts; it’s ideal to be on all of these platforms. Discovering where your content generates the most revenue might surprise you!

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