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At Author’s Republic, we offer the resources and tools to help independent authors and publishers transform their words into high-quality audiobooks with our easy-to-use platform. Learn how to create audiobooks easily with our all-in-one production platform and sell across the world’s widest distribution network.

How to Create Audiobooks with the Narrator Marketplace

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Step 1

Prepare Your eBook Manuscript

Prepare Your eBook Manuscript

All great audiobooks start as great books. Read through your eBook manuscript, and ensure it’s clear, accurate, and matches the right tone. Once your manuscript is ready, make sure to save it as a single EPUB or PDF file.

Checklist for Finalizing Your Manuscript

  • Have you edited it for spelling and grammar errors?
  • Have you removed images or unconventional formatting that may obstruct readability?
  • Is your eBook manuscript clear and easy to read? Does it make sense when read aloud?
  • Have you saved your eBook manuscript as a single EPUB or PDF file?

Upload Your eBook Manuscript

Once your manuscript is ready for audiobook production, upload the EPUB or PDF file into the Author’s Republic Studio, as well as metadata and a sample script for narrator auditions.

How to Record Your Own Audiobook

Some authors and publishers opt to use online voice-over software or narrate their own audiobooks. For authors interested in making audiobooks at home, we recommend investing in microphones, headphones, and other high-quality recording software. To learn more, check out our step-by-step self-narration guide.

Step 2

Upload Your eBook Manuscript

Step 3

Audition a Narrator

Audition a Narrator

Once you set your audiobook project to visible, potential narrators can see your sample script and audition. You can also privately request auditions. In turn, audiobook narrators will submit auditions and bids for projects. Then the author or publisher can listen to auditions, and hire a narrator based on their performance and total bid.

How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Book into an Audiobook?

Production costs can vary depending on the length of your audiobook manuscript and the per finished hour rate of the narrator you choose to hire. On average, an audiobook narrator can read an estimated 9,300 words per hour and charge anywhere from $50 - $400 Per Finished Hour (PFH). For a 6-hour audiobook with a manuscript of just under 56,000 words, authors or publishers can anticipate costs anywhere from $300 - $2,500 or more.

Receive Your Retail-Ready Audiobook

Once a production agreement has been reached, the narrator will create retail-ready audiobook files. When completed and approved, your MP3 files will be available in the Author’s Republic Studio, and you can move on to the last step of selling your audiobook! We safely and securely hold payments to the narrator until all sides of the agreement are met.

Are There Any Additional fees?

No, not for narrator production. Author's Republic does not charge any administrative fees when you use the narrator marketplace, and will only receive a small share of the revenue generated by the audiobook once it is in distribution.

Step 4

Receive Your Retail-Ready Audiobook

Step 5

Sell Your Audiobook

Sell Your Audiobook

We offer the world’s widest distribution network, partnering with 50+ sales platforms, library channels, and more. Once your audiobook file is ready, upload your audiobook cover, set your MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), and choose which distribution channels you’d like to sell through.

Looking for a turnkey service to produce your audiobook?

Let one of our production managers take care of everything for you, from selecting a narrator to delivering the final audio files. To get started, log in to your Author’s Republic account and tell us a little bit about your title. This helps us pair you with the production manager best suited to bring your book to life via audio.

After meeting with your production manager, they will work on your behalf to find a narrator for your audiobook, edit the final files, and add any music or sound effects. Once your audiobook files are complete, you can submit your title for distribution and start selling to listeners globally using your Author’s Republic account.


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