3 Reasons To Turn Your Title Into An Audiobook Today

May 13, 2022

#1 Consumers expect an audiobook version of your work

Audiobooks have quickly become a necessary medium to support your book launch! Consumers expect that you’ll have a print, e-book, and audiobook available. The audio medium brings books to life in a whole new way. There’s nothing quite like hearing your words performed by a professional audiobook narrator.

Wondering how to create your audiobook? Here's how it works!

#2 Reach a whole new audience

Just as readers have personal genre preferences, they also have format preferences. Some readers prefer to hold a physical book in their hands, while others need their hands free to enjoy a good book while commuting or walking the dog.

Don't miss out on an important subset of readers—bring your book to life in audio!

#3 Audiobooks are a reliable income stream

Audiobooks are always in stock. Regardless of supply chain issues and worldwide paper shortages your readers can always find your audiobook! When you choose Author’s Republic, you’re joining the world’s widest independent audiobook distribution network. Your audiobook will always be in stock on 50+ retail, library, and streaming platforms, which can maximize your earnings!

The audiobook industry is booming! For the 10th year in a row, the audiobook industry has seen enormous growth. Now’s your time to jump in and bring your book to life in audio