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Audiobook Production

Create, launch, distribute

The Author’s Republic Studio is an accessible marketplace for professional audiobook production that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Effortlessly create, launch, and distribute your audiobook through our easy-to-use platform!

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Audiobook Distribution

Sell your audiobook everywhere

As the world’s widest audiobook distribution platform, Author’s Republic ensures that your work is distributed everywhere great audiobooks are sold—both now and in the future.

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Audiobook Narration

Find the perfect voice for your book

Explore our vast narrator marketplace and audition professional narrators who can help bring your book to life! 

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Your manuscript is complete! Now it's time to produce & publish your audiobook in a few simple steps.
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It's free and easy to access Author's Republic, the widest independent audiobook distributor in the world! Once you've registered, you're ready to start creating and selling audiobooks.

Step 2

Project Kickoff

Ready to turn your book into an audiobook? Use The Author's Republic Studio to find the perfect voice from our curated narrator roster to begin your audiobook production.

Already have your final audio files recorded? Go straight into distribution! Upload your audiobook details, audio files, and cover art. We'll review your submission with extra care and our expert customer service team will help you through any issues.

Step 3

Distribute your Audiobook

Sell your audiobook everywhere with one simple system. We'll take your retail-ready title and deliver it to 50+ sales channels—from major retailers such as iTunes, Audible, and Amazon, to boutique platforms, streaming services, and libraries worldwide—ensuring your work has the widest distribution available!

Step 4

The Result

Sit back and watch the money roll in! Your audiobook will be available to millions of listeners worldwide. Our partner platforms send us your sales, and you take home 70% of the royalties, which we'll send to you in one eco-friendly monthly payment.

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Avanti Centrae

International Bestselling Author

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Author's Republic team on a Chirp deal for my audiobook VanOps: The Lost Power. The customer service was stellar, exceeding my expectations. Their entire team has been fantastic throughout the publication and distribution of my audiobook!

Becky Parker Geist

CEO of Pro Audio Voices Inc.

We started working with Author’s Republic just a few months after they launched and it's been an excellent experience all along the way. With all the many variables in audiobooks and the distribution industry, Author’s Republic helps us get our audiobooks out to the widest audience, helping our clients increase their impact and reach. We strive to help our clients reach their goals, and partnering with AR helps us with that endeavor. Widest distribution and best customer service - what a great combo!! Thank you!

Claire Chao


Author's Republic is the best. Excellent in every regard--helpful, responsive, efficient and very pleasant to work with!

Cliff Battley

Author & Narrator

Thank you Heather and the staff at Author's Republic, you were the game changers. You delivered a product way beyond our highest expectations. Thank you Author’s Republic and thank you Heather! You supported this tech novice through what felt like an impossible minefield of challenges. Heather, you were the lynchpin of our success. You coached me, made contact with the recording studio, built a relationship with the producer and then took complete ownership of the process which technically was my responsibility. That’s customer service on another level. Thank you Heather and thank you Author’s Republic, you made the difference.

Dave Stokes

Audiobook Producer at author2audio

After having uploaded over 50 audiobooks with Author's Republic, I have to tell you that the friendly, prompt customer and technical support from Heather and Adam has been second to none. There is still a perception among many authors that you can't publish an audiobook unless you live in the U.S. Wrong! Author's Republic publish authors from all over the world. No international bank accounts or virtual private networks needed. Authors love the convenience of royalties to their PayPal accounts.

Dr. Elden Daniel


I highly encourage anyone who wants an adventure in creating audiobooks to dive into the project with Author’s Republic. I researched the reputation and credibility of Author’s Republic. They passed with flying colors.

Edward French

Narrator & Publisher

Very productive. Heather has guided and assisted me on several occasions when I needed to solve technical problems to improve my audio books and succeed in getting them to distributors. I've always received prompt and helpful attention to all my projects.

Gabi Plumm

Author & Narrator

In the early days I was so confused as to how to make my audio correct and Heather was brilliant, patient and attentive. I know I can do it now without aggravating anyone in Support. Well done Heather and Author's Republic.

Herson Gonzalez


My guy Mike has been simply amazing to work with. His wealth of knowledge and willingness to help me with my clients goes above and beyond. We love Author's Republic. AR has worked very nicely for our authors that want more of their own royalties and wider distribution. Outstanding service.

Jack Estes

Narrator & Producer

I’ve just finished my third book with Author’s Republic, and I can’t say enough how good they’ve been to work with. Heather has the answers AND she has great patience, working with a complete neophyte. I strongly recommend Author’s Republic.

Karen Power


I have found, at every step of the Audiobook process, Author’s Republic were so prompt and professional with communications, extremely patient and made every effort to help support me through the process given my limited computer skills. I am so grateful to be aligned with them and really looking forward to moving forward with their company with my other audiobooks.

Lauren Grosskopf


It's great to be able to put audiobooks out there without spending an arm and a leg. A great service for the audiobook industry.

Lisa Sniderman


I highly recommend Author's Republic. Everyone has always been courteous, responsive, helpful and often goes above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome.

Luke Schmalz


The Author's Republic team was great to work with, as the technical learning curve can be steep for an author with minimal expertise in the digital arena. Heather was especially patient throughout the process of explaining to me what needed to happen in order for my sound files to be accepted. The extra mile she went to communicate specific nuances of my project to the technical team did not go unnoticed. I am thankful for the professionalism and clarity of communication I received. Bravo!

Mary Jane Wells


That there is no reason I can see to consider the other options. They offer the best deal and the best service. Fantastic and exemplary company. Personal, committed and in such high integrity I would not consider any other outlet. They are so author-centred that sometimes I wonder how they can be making anything!

Robert J. Joseph


If you want the best, these are the people you should be dealing with.

Simon Haynes


With audiobook publishing, a one-stop-shop is the way to go. Upload your files and cover art once, and let someone else take care of the finicky details. For me, Author's Republic was the perfect choice.

Simone Feiler

Owner of Brisbane Audiobook Production

Author's Republic is my #1 go-to platform for the global online distribution of all my audiobook needs. I've been using their superb service for the past 5 years to facilitate my clients requirements of global online distribution. I don't use anyone else!

Vivian Conan


I was a novice about audiobook distribution when I came to Author’s Republic. Mike was most gracious in educating me and walking me through the on-boarding process. Now things are running smoothly, so I’m rarely in contact, but whenever I do have a question, I get an immediate and helpful response. I'm not just a number here. You are in good hands. They know what they are doing and will help you every step of the way.