How to Switch to Author's Republic

March 13, 2024

Should I switch to Author’s Republic?

Switching audiobook distributors can be intimidating, but when it comes to maximizing your earnings, protecting your intellectual property rights, or seeking better customer support, it’s often worth it.


Why other rights holders made the switch:

  • Agreements that protect rights holders’ intellectual property rights
  • Superior customer support – with humans on the other side
  • Narrator marketplace to find the perfect voice for their audiobook
  • Wide distribution to 50+ retailers
  • No hidden fees or subscriptions

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What retailers can I distribute to with Author’s Republic?

Author’s Republic distributes to a wide network of 50+ retailers, libraries, and streaming services to maximize your sales. It’s likely that when you switch to Author’s Republic, you’ll gain access to new retail channels! Want to see for yourself? Visit Our Partners page.

Some of our most-asked-about retailers:

  • Audible
  • Apple Books
  • Google Play Books
  • Chirp
  • Hoopla

To see our full list of partners, head to Our Partners.


How to switch to Author’s Republic:

  1. Sign up for an Author’s Republic account.
  2. Contact your current audiobook distributor and ask to have your audiobooks taken down.
  3. From your Author’s Republic account, create a project for each of your audiobooks.
  4. Once your audiobooks have been taken down by your previous distributor, you can submit them for distribution through Author’s Republic.

Need more help getting started? Head to our Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do my books have to be fully taken down from retailers before I can upload them to Author’s Republic?

You can start creating and uploading your books onto our site before they have been removed from your previous distributor. We simply ask that you not submit your titles to our service until your previous distributor has confirmed that they have been removed from all retailers' platforms.


How is my audiobook’s price set? Do I have any control over it?

You can set your suggested price when uploading your book, but we cannot guarantee that price is what a retailer will choose. 

Please note: This is the same policy in effect at Findaway Voices. You can expect that if your suggested pricing has been honored in the past, then it likely will be in the future, no matter which distributor you choose.  


Can I make changes to my book once it is submitted for distribution?

When it comes to any updates for a distributed audiobook, we are happy to send any requested changes to our retail partners. 

Ultimately, it will be up to the retailers as to when that change can be pushed live, and it is possible that multiple versions of your book will be available for sale at the same time until everyone has caught up. We recommend avoiding this as much as possible.

Please note: This policy is set by retailers, not by Author’s Republic, and is the same policy in effect at Findaway Voices.

Can I request promo codes for my audiobooks?

Yes! You can request promo codes from your account dashboard. 


Does Author’s Republic accept authors from outside the US?

We accept rights holders from countries across the globe.


Will I lose my reviews if I take down my books from another distributor and move them to Author’s Republic?

Yes. The reviews attached to the listing will be removed.


If I distribute my audiobook to Spotify through Author’s Republic, is it subject to the Findaway Voices Terms of Use?

The Findaway Voices' Terms of Use (TOU) update does not affect Author’s Republic’s distribution agreements with Spotify or any other retailer.

The Findaway Voices TOU agreement only affects authors who have distributed their audiobooks on the Findaway Voices' site. If you have a book distributed to Spotify through Author's Republic, your audiobook is not affected by this change.


Can I opt out of specific distributors or retailers if I distribute through Author’s Republic? How?

Yes, you can email our support team at [email protected] to opt out of a retailer prior to submitting your audiobook.


Does Author’s Republic use Findaway Voices to distribute to Chirp?

No! Our distribution agreement with Chirp is direct and is not affiliated with Findaway Voices.


Does Author’s Republic have a 7-year term?

In our distribution agreement, we include a 7-year term to remain compatible with Audible, which has a 7-year term. We have not had a case where Audible refused to remove a book once requested. Once we send a takedown notice to Audible or any of our retailers, they typically remove the book within 30 to 60 days.

Per our terms, you can terminate your agreement without cause upon 60 day’s written notice to Author’s Republic. 


What happens if I want to terminate my distribution agreement with Author’s Republic?

You can ask to remove your book with our service at any time. Simply send us an email and we will start the takedown process right away. Please note that takedowns are not instant, and it may take up to 60 business days for all retailers to remove your book from their platforms.

During this period, you will continue to receive any royalty payments for your audiobook.

Please note: If you notice your title is still available after 60 business days, please let us know, and we will reach out to that retailer directly.


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