3 Ways You Might Be Limiting Your Audiobook Sales

July 12, 2021

So you’re ready to send your audiobook out into the world. Congratulations! Creating an audiobook can feel like a bit of a marathon.

Now it’s time to make the most of all of that hard work. Here are 3 ways you might be limiting your audiobook sales.

1. Exclusively Distributing To The Big 3 Audiobook Retailers

Have you heard the old adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Exclusive distribution puts your eggs in 3 baskets, but your eggs could be spread out into 50+ baskets, including the big 3. 

We’ve crunched some numbers and typically our users increase their earnings by up to 25% when they choose to diversify and distribute non-exclusively to over 50 platforms!

The big 3 may dominate the market in North America, but worldwide, other platforms give them some healthy competition! Your audiobook might be best suited to StoryTel or a library platform like Hoopla or OverDrive. Learn more about the three types of platforms here.

With endless audiobook listening opportunities, consumers like options. Distributing widely helps you meet your audience where they like to listen. You might just find your listeners hiding in unexpected places!

2. Intentionally NOT Distributing to Music Streaming Services

Maybe you’re nervous that if your audiobook is available on a music streaming service, it will take away from your Audible sales or it won’t be profitable.

The truth is, music streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music are delightfully profitable when it comes to audiobooks. Even more so if your listeners are predominantly millennials.

To increase profitability on music streaming services, we take your 10 track audiobook and seamlessly segment it into hundreds of tracks. Not to worry, our pros keep the flow between tracks, maintaining a perfect listening experience.

Music streaming services are no longer solely for music! Audio content like podcasts and audiobooks continue to grow and expand year over year. Join in on the growth!

3. Missing Out On Promo Codes

If you distribute your audiobook through Author’s Republic, you have access to promo codes for Audiobooks.com and Kobo. We’ve also partnered with StoryOrigin, which helps you approve and track the progress of your reviewers.

Learn more about audiobook reviews with StoryOrigin. 

You already know reviews are royalty when it comes to helping the sales of your book. Positive reviews help to improve your ranking in the algorithm, making you more visible in search results. All with the goal of leading to a little less browsing and a little more “add to cart”.

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