Create an Audiobook: Managed Production

May 11, 2023

Now authors and publishers can produce and distribute audiobooks through our easy-to-use portal. We currently have two audiobook production options available: 

    1. The Author’s Republic Studio: Hire a professional audiobook narrator virtually, and manage the production yourself.
    2. Managed Production: Let one of our production managers take care of everything for you, from selecting a narrator to delivering the final audio files.

Another audiobook creation option is to produce it yourself. Check out our resources for author-narrated audiobooks: DIY audiobook production.

Here, we’ll discuss hiring a professional audiobook narrator using The Author’s Republic Managed Production option. If you’re not interested in managing the small details, let us do it for you!

When it comes to pricing, what you see is what you get! Managed productions are priced at $300 per finished hour plus a $150 production fee. Curious about what goes into a per-finished-hour rate? Check out this blog post: Understanding Per Finished Hour Rates

The Process

  • Prepare manuscript for audio
  • Submit audiobook details to your production manager
  • Listen to auditions
  • Choose a narrator
  • The narrator records your audio files
  • Production Manager completes your audio files
  • You will upload your audiobook details and cover art to submit for distribution

1. Prepping your Manuscript

Prior to recording, you’ll want to take a look at your manuscript to ensure it’s ready for audio.

  • Search for and adjust any references to page numbers or images by using Ctrl + F.
  • Convert charts, graphs, and visuals to audio or refer listeners to visit your website.
  • If there are sections of your book you would like to omit from the recording, make note of that and communicate it to the narrator.
  • Pronunciation guide: As you’re reviewing your manuscript, make a note of any proper nouns or other words that are not listed in the dictionary. Your production manager will have to communicate these to your narrator prior to recording.

  • Preparing scripts for the opening and closing credits track: The opening track will at a minimum include the title, author, and narrator, which must all match the information listed on the cover art and in the metadata exactly.

    We’ve prepared a script template that you can use:
    • Opening Credits Script Template: “This is {Project Title}, Written by {Author Name}, Read for you by {Narrator Name}.
    • Closing Credits Script Template: “You have been listening to {Project Title}. Written by {Author Name}, and read for you by {Narrator Name}. Published by {Publishing Company}. Cover art by {Artists Name}. Copyright {Year} by {Copyright Holder}.

Your production manager and narrator will also review your manuscript for any areas that may need to be adjusted.

2. Audition & Hire a Narrator

Your production manager will provide you with a number of custom narrator auditions. Listen to auditions and choose the narrator that you feel will best suit your project.

3. Production

Your production manager will work with the narrator to create your audio files including:

  • Script prep
  • Pre-production research
  • Recording
  • Post-production/editing
  • Proofing and QA
  • Final mastering
  • Delivery via the Author’s Republic platform

Take a listen and approve the final audio, from there, we’ll package up the audio files and submit your project for global distribution!

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