DIY Audiobook Creation— Dr. Elden Daniel’s Journey With Author’s Republic

June 9, 2021

Thinking of creating an audiobook but don’t know where to start?

Check out Dr. Elden Daniel’s journey to audiobook creation.

“Can an eighty-year-old man who started writing five years ago create an audiobook? That was my question. What I had been writing was just sitting on my computer and on my website. I began to research audiobooks and discovered Author’s Republic. I found the information very helpful. Their website explained their process of publishing and distributing audiobooks. It also described the recording process in detail providing guidelines, protocols, and technical specifications. I began to think I could do this and be the narrator, but just to be on the safe side I researched the reputation and credibility of Author’s Republic. They passed with flying colors. 

The next step was to purchase an external microphone, download an app called Audacity and begin learning how the recording process worked. I recorded my first book and began the submission process to Author’s Republic. I found that process very user-friendly. Not surprisingly, I had a number of beginner issues. Back to the directions from Author’s Republic. 

Of course, not all of my mp3s were up to standard and had to be revised. Author’s Republic customer service experts were very patient, helpful and quick to respond. Together we have worked through to reach acceptable levels for each of several books.

My brother, Jerry, an avid photographer, designed covers for me. In little over a year, I have published seventeen audiobooks. At this time, I have another one close to being ready to publish and have plans for more.

I have been encouraged by the number of people who have purchased or rented my audiobooks. The process for receiving royalties works very smoothly.

I highly encourage anyone who wants an adventure in creating audiobooks to dive into the project with Author’s Republic as their publisher and distributor.”

Dr. Elden Daniel
Author of 17 audiobooks and counting

The audiobook industry saw yet another year of mind-blowing growth in 2020, marking NINE straight years of double-digit growth (12%). As a $1.3 billion dollar industry, it’s safe to say the audiobook industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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