How to Publish an Audiobook with Author's Republic

March 24, 2023

Author’s Republic makes it easy to sell your audiobook. With practical creation options and the widest distribution network available, your title is sure to reach listeners around the globe. Plus, Author’s Republic is completely independent, so you don’t have to worry about exclusivity or being limited to certain sales channels. 

After creating your free account, choose the option that works best for you to get your audiobook into distribution.

Sell a Completed Audiobook

Already have your final audio files? Simply upload them to start selling to 50+ global channels, from major retailers and streaming services to library distributors and niche startups. Everyone who distributes through Author’s Republic has access to all of our sales channels, whether you create your title using our production tools or not. Sell to the widest reach available and track your sales in our easy-to-use portal. Learn more about audiobook distribution here.

Produce an Audiobook

Need help creating your audiobook? We have a solution for you!

Hire a Studio Narrator

Use The Author’s Republic Studio to create your title. We’ve curated a list of professional audiobook narrators. Explore our roster, listen to their audio samples, and invite narrators to audition to become the voice of your work. Once you’ve hired a narrator, Author’s Republic will securely hold your payment until the project is complete. Your narrator will handle creating, editing, and finalizing your audio files. Once you receive the final files, we will transfer payment to the narrator and you can submit your project for distribution and start selling!

Learn more here.

Do-It-Yourself Narration

If you’re looking to self-narrate your audiobook, this is the solution for you! Reference our handy guide on how to DIY, including preparing your manuscript, getting the right equipment, ensuring your files meet the necessary audio requirements, and other tips and tricks. Once your final audio files are complete, simply upload them using your Author’s Republic account to start distributing to 50+ channels globally.

Managed Production

Let one of our production managers take care of everything for you, from selecting a narrator to delivering the final audio files. To get started, log in to your Author’s Republic account and tell us a little bit about your title. This helps us pair you with the production manager best suited to bring your book to life via audio. After meeting with your production manager, they will work on your behalf to find a narrator for your audiobook, edit the final files, and add any music or sound effects. Once your audiobook files are complete, you can submit your title for distribution and start selling to listeners globally using your Author’s Republic account.

Learn more here.

No matter which option you choose, with Author’s Republic, you benefit from:

  • The flexibility to choose where your audiobook is sold.
  • The freedom of working with an independent distributor.
  • The peace of mind that your work is not under any exclusivity requirements or limited to specific retail channels.
  • The ability to maximize your audiobook sales by selling to the widest distribution network available.

Once you upload your final files, we’ll deliver your completed audiobook to 50+ retail and library channels. You can track all your sales and monthly royalty payments from your user dashboard. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our friendly and responsive customer service team at [email protected].